Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Crazy shit in Susquehanna Independent:

I was checking online for the article which Vera recently posted about Cabot's lawsuit against Ray, and I found this:
Susquehanna County Sheriff's Deputies are getting new bullet-proof vests, thanks to a $10,000 donation from Kinder Morgan to support the department's public safety efforts.

In a check presentation held Thursday, July 27, Allen Fore Vice President of Public Affairs for Kinder Morgan presented Sheriff Lance Benedict with the check.

Here's a comment I left on the article:

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Headline should read, "Roosters crowing over Fox's gift of Shark Repellant to protect the Henhouse!"

Reminds me of this story from a couple of years ago:

Which I reported on here:

And my own experience with the Vestal PD:

Or the latest #BombTrucks rollover in Forest Lake, where the County Emerg. Mangement officials were turned away by the Forest Lake FD, whom we understand work for XNG:

… I think it is TRAGIC, IMMORAL, and possibly ILLEGAL how our Police and Fire personnel with a DUTY to a Public Safety purpose, are co-opted to do the biding of the industries which are pose the greatest threat to public safety.

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